Engenharia de Produção

Course Length:engenharia-producao

  • 10 semesters


  • Full-time course (Evening and Night)

Teaching Method:

  • Class-room course

Number of places being offered:

  • 60

More Information:

Form of entry:

Admission is currently based on the performance on the National High School Exam (ENEM). Internal movement, transfers from other IES and those with undergraduate degrees in higher education, are conditioned to the existence of vacancies, and compulsory transferences provided by law.

Course Objectives:

To promote a solid scientific and professional formation, enabling the engineer to do, between other things, the planning and control of production, management of budget, operational research, as well as quality control of productive processes.


Production Engineering is the area of engineering that design and implement production lines that allow low costs and good efficiency on production process. It’s a fundamental peace on industries and companies of almost all sectors. The production engineer manages the humans, material and financial resources of a company, with the goal of raising its productivity and profitability. Their professional qualification combine knowledge from engineering to management technique, economics and engineering fundamentals, preparing him to adopt methods and procedures that rationalize work, perfect production techniques and organize financial, logistics and commercial activities from an organization, define the best way to integrate labour, equipments and raw material, in order to advance on quality and raise the productivity. To act as an bond between technical and management sectors, their field of work overcome the boundaries of industry. The business economics specialist, for example, usually is hired by banks to develop investments portfolios. This professional is also on demand by companies that provide services to define functions and plan work schedules. There are  numerous courses that allow people to enter this career as a technician.

Related Activities:

  • Production Engineering is the branch of engineering that works with optimization of process and complex systems. Typically, production engineers:
  • Review production programs, engineering specifications, process flow and other informations to understand the methods and activities on manufacture and services;
  • Learn ways to produce parts, products, or provide services with maximum efficiency;
  • Develop control systems to do financial planning and more efficient costs analyses;
  • Perform quality control procedures to solve problems of production or minimize costs;
  • Work with consumers and management to develop patterns to projects and production;
  • Design control systems to coordinate activities and production planning to verified products that will alter quality standards;
  • Communicate with customers and shopping suppliers  about product specification, managers about production capacity, and with teams about project status.

Areas of Expertise and Professional Practice:

The production engineer can work in the organizational development of the company, analysing and establishing the structure. Furthermore, he can work managing the financial life of the company, their expenses and resources application.

A different field of action to the production engineer is the Work Engineering. In this case the engineer is responsible of managing the human resources necessary to production, be on production of products or provision of services. To this end, he measure the costs, the determined delivered time, and the conditions and possibilities to execute the request.  

This engineer can only act in planning and production control, implementing and managing the production processes, selecting raw material, following quality control and managing logistic operations connected to production processes, as storage and distribution.  

Recommended profile for admission:

  • The Production Engineering professional must be able to organize process.
  • Logical thinking is also a desirable characteristic to this professional.  
  • To have affinity with Exact Sciences and like technology also helps this professional.
  • Another important characteristic of this engineer is the capacity to solve problems and face challenges.


Bachelor in Production Engineering